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Sexual Abuse Lawyers in North Carolina: How to Find the Right One for Your Case?

Survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment can have lifelong scars and can be left feeling powerless.

Edwards Beightol understands how important it is for survivors to get justice and tell their story. We also understand that survivors usually require extensive mental health, and sometimes physical, treatment that is financially out of reach. We help survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment get the compensation — and the justice — they deserve.

The team at Edwards Beightol has spent years representing survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. We know how important it is to believe in our clients. We know how important it is to hold accountable not only the attackers, but the companies and organizations that empower them. If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted or harassed, we may be able to help.

"We truly care about our clients and their families" - Cate Edwards, Esq.

What is a civil claim for sexual harassment or assault?

A claim of sexual harassment or assault can arise in a number of different ways. You do not have to have a criminal conviction to have a successful sexual harassment or assault claim. Occasionally, sexual abusers act alone. Often, sexual harassment and sexual assault occur because an organization has created an environment that allows it to occur. When a company or institution permits and protects sexual abusers, we hold them accountable. Sexual harassment or assault claims can be brought against:

  • Employers (when the harassment occurred at work or a work-related event)

  • Rideshare companies like Uber® and Lyft®

  • Property owners who fail to provide safe premises

  • University organizations

  • Sports organizations

  • Children’s programs

  • Schools and extracurricular programs

What damages can you claim?

Damages from sexual trauma can be long-lasting and severe.

From physical pain and medical expenses to the deep emotional impact of sexual violence, the cost of recovery can be quite large. Through a civil claim, you can seek compensation for these damages.

Common damages from sexual assault, abuse or harassment include:

  • Counseling/therapy

  • Inpatient treatment

  • Psychiatric medications

  • Addiction treatment

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Urgent care or emergency room visits

  • Ongoing medical treatment

  • Treatment for pain

  • Sexually transmitted disease tests and treatment 

  • Unwanted pregnancy (even if it was terminated)

In a sexual harassment or abuse claim, you can also ask for lost wages and costs associated with your legal fees. 

What if the sexual abuse occurred years ago?

Many times, due to the circumstances surrounding the sexual violence, survivors of sexual assault or sexual abuse do not come forward right away. This can be because of the emotional and psychological toll that the trauma takes, the power the abuser holds, the age of the victim or a combination of factors.

Why contact an attorney immediately?

It is important that you contact an attorney immediately if you believe you may have a sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual assault claim. There are deadlines within which claims must be filed or the right to file them is lost forever. Evidence can also disappear if you do not have an attorney to help you preserve it. For these reasons, contact an attorney today to review your claim. Waiting even one day can be the difference between having a claim that you can pursue and being barred from pursuing that very same claim.

Sexual Abuse Lawyers in North Carolina

Sexual abuse is an insidious crime perpetrated by a stranger or someone you trust. It is a traumatic experience that can have lifelong effects on the victim. Sexual abuse is often a complex topic for victims to discuss. They may feel embarrassed and ashamed. They may blame themselves. They may fear their abuser will return and hurt them again.


If you are looking for sexual abuse attorneys in North Carolina, you've come to the right place. At Edwards Beightol, our attorneys have the experience to guide you on your path to healing and justice.

We understand how difficult it is to deal with a sexual assault. You may feel alone, confused, and even guilty about what happened. This is why we provide free legal advice to victims of sexual assault, including rape, child molestation, sexual harrassment, sex trafficking, child pornography and other forms of sexual abuse.

North Carolina Sexual Abuse Laws

In North Carolina, survivors of sexual assault are entitled to file civil lawsuits against both the perpetrator and the person responsible for creating a dangerous situation. In addition to filing a lawsuit against the abuser, survivors may pursue compensation claims against anyone involved in creating a hostile work environment.

The most common type of claim involves suing the employer of the individual who committed the crime. If the employer knew about the threat posed by the employee and did nothing to protect the victim, the employer could face liability under state law.

The second type of claim involves suing people who owned or operated the property where the attack occurred. For example, if the assailant worked in a hospital and assaulted his or her patient, the hospital might be liable for failing to maintain a safe environment and negligent credentialing.

North Carolina Clergy Abuse Lawyer

The Catholic Church has long been known for covering up sexual abuse cases within its ranks. A recent study found that over half of priests accused of child sex crimes have never faced criminal charges. This means that many victims are unable to seek compensation for damages caused by the clergy. Survivors of clergy abuse often struggle to find lawyers willing to take their case. Our firm is experienced in helping survivors obtain just compensation for the harm done to them by the clergy. We understand how devastating sexual abuse can be and we know what steps must be taken to ensure justice. 

North Carolina Child Abuse Lawyer

Children are one of the most important aspects of our lives. They are innocent and deserve to live happy and healthy lives. When they go to school, however, we expect them to learn and grow in a safe environment. Unfortunately, there are many cases of children being sexually abused while attending daycare facilities. These cases often involve someone working closely with children, such as teachers, administrators, coaches, babysitters or parents.

If you believe your child may have been a victim of sexual abuse in a daycare setting, contact our office immediately. We offer a free initial consultation to help determine whether you have grounds for filing a lawsuit against the perpetrator. 

Reporting Doctors and Medical Facilities For Sexual Abuse in North Carolina

We trust medical professionals to act professionally when we are under their treatment. However, unfortunately, this trust is sometimes abused and doctors and medical staff can take advantage of their position of power over patients. If you believe you have experienced doctor abuse, call us today. Our legal team can help you recover damages from the perpetrator and the institution that allowed the abuse to occur.

The Most Common Causes of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can happen in several ways, including the following:

  1. When a person forces a child or adult to engage in sexual activities
  2. When a person coerces or pressures a child into having sex
  3. When a person engages in sexual activity with a child incapable of consenting to such action

Sexual abuse usually happens over time and is most often committed by someone known to the victim. Victims of sexual abuse are often isolated from the outside world due to their age, and they may not understand what is happening.

Childhood sexual abuse has many negative consequences. Some victims of childhood sexual abuse go on to suffer from mental health problems, substance abuse, and physical health issues. 

Predators often identify targets for their abuse by identifying certain histories such as:

  • A person with a history of sexual abuse
  • A person with a history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • A person with a history of mental illness
  • A person with a history of violence
  • A person with a history of sexual orientation or gender identity issues
  • A person with a history of being a victim of sex trafficking

Why Having An Experienced North Carolina Sexual Abuse Claims Lawyers Is Important

These types of claims are not like a car accident or other personal injury claims. These cases often have a parallel criminal case running, which likely involves the survivor of abuse. These cases also require attorneys who are experienced and equipped to communicate with someone who has suffered great trauma. 

At Edwards Beightol, we provide a safe environment for our clients to tell their truth. Our attorneys will help our clients through the criminal and civil process. We know how to work with the prosecutors, and we know how to investigate and file these cases in civil court to bring those institutions to account for their errors and omissions. 

Type of Compensation Available to Sexual Abuse Survivors

Compensation for survivors of sexual abuse includes both compensatory and punitive damages, depending on the circumstances. A person who is a survivor of sexual assault may be able to sue for financial loss caused by emotional distress, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical costs. 

The amount of money awarded depends on several factors, such as how severe the abuse was, whether it happened frequently, the notice and opportunities the institution had to put a stop to the abuse, and what type of treatment the survivor received.

What Are the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Cases in North Carolina?

There are timeframes within which your claims must be filed or the right to file them is lost forever. These timeframes can change based on your case facts and your age at the time of the events and time of filing. It is important that you contact an attorney right away to determine the particular deadlines applicable to your claims to ensure that your claims are filed in time. 

What is the Process of Filing a Sexual Abuse Claim?

Sexual abuse cases are some of the most challenging and heartbreaking cases that our law firm handles. Our sexual abuse lawyers at Edwards Beightol, LLC, are prepared to help you understand what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Our team has the knowledge and skill to handle all types of sexual abuse cases, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Sexual Assault
  2. Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs)
  3. Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Child Molestation
  5. Child pornography
  6. Sexual Harassment
  7. Rape
  8. Sexting
  9. Pedophilia
  10. Sex trafficking

What Services Are Provided by our Sexual Abuse Lawyers?

At Edwards Beightol, LLC, we understand the emotional and physical toll sexual abuse can take on a person. We work to provide our clients with the best possible representation and the best possible outcome. As a result, we take a holistic approach to every case.

Our team of lawyers, investigators, and paralegals offer comprehensive services, including:

Free Consultation

We provide free consultations for all clients. This means we will meet with you and discuss your case. We want to be sure that we can represent you properly before we start any work.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our team of lawyers and investigators can handle a wide variety of cases. Our lawyers are skilled in addressing child abuse, sexual assault, and other types of sexual abuse.

Law Firm Locations

We have several locations throughout North Carolina. This allows us to serve clients in a wide range of communities. We also handle cases nationwide.

Call us today to discuss your sexual abuse case with a personal injury lawyer.

Facts About Sexual Abuse Lawyers 

  1. Some sexual abuse lawyers in North Carolina specialize in helping victims of sexual abuse.
  2. These lawyers have experience in dealing with the criminal and civil legal system and can help survivors get the justice they deserve.
  3. They can help victims file lawsuits against their abusers and get compensation for their injuries.
  4. Sexual abuse lawyers in North Carolina can also help victims get protection from their abusers.
  5. They can help victims get restraining orders and other legal protections.
  6. Sexual abuse lawyers in North Carolina can also help victims get counseling and other support services.
  7. They can help survivors find safe living places and get the necessary medical care.
  8. Sexual abuse lawyers in North Carolina can also help victims get their lives back on track after the abuse.
  9. They can help victims get jobs, go back to school, and rebuild their lives.


Where can I get help if I am a victim of sexual abuse in North Carolina?

If you are a victim of sexual abuse in North Carolina, you can get help from the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA). NCCASA is a statewide organization that works to end sexual violence. They offer support and resources to survivors of sexual violence and their families and loved ones. They also work to educate the public about sexual violence and its prevention.

How do I know if a sexual abuse lawyer is right for me?

It is important to consider the lawyer's experience. Choosing a lawyer with experience handling sexual abuse cases is essential. This will ensure that the lawyer is familiar with the laws and procedures surrounding these cases and will be better equipped to help you navigate the legal process.

What are the ways to help a child who is sexually abused?

There are many ways to help a child who is being sexually abused.

  1.  Educate yourself. Learn about child sexual abuse and how it affects the victim. Learn the warning signs of child sexual abuse.
  2.  Talk to your children. Make sure that they understand that the behavior they are experiencing is not normal. Tell them that they should never be forced into any activity.
  3.  Do not put your child in danger. Do not allow your child to be alone with someone they do not know or feel comfortable with.
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